Susanne M. Weil LCSW

Leadership Development Coaching

Making business more human


Effective leaders understand that in order to transform aspirations into reality, they need to constantly strengthen and expand their skills.

I offer a range of leadership coaching services that are designed to help executives and managers navigate change, undo entrenched patterns and motivate their teams.

Whether you are a seasoned manager or are just stepping into a managerial role, these services can help foster influential leadership.

Moving from Debate to Dialogue

The Keys to Effective Communication

Effective communication is at the core of effective leadership. Managers and team members must be able to speak candidly, but harsh and competitive arguing of positions creates premature closure that stifles trust, creativity and innovative thinking. Avoidance ultimately exacts a financial cost to companies.

I guide leaders to challenge the status quo by helping them create a setting that encourages exploration, inquiry and complexity.

Inspiring Performance Excellence

Coaching Your Direct Reports with Creativity and Consistency

Managers must consistently coach their people in order to accelerate development and instill the motivation to grow. Yet managers say that one of the hardest things they have to do is give feedback — both positive and negative.

I teach leaders a step-by-step approach to coaching their team that includes delivering feedback, creating and measuring development goals and devising a plan for remediation or promotion.

Building Productive Partnerships

Understanding and Enhancing Peer Dynamics

Partners in small businesses and peers in larger organizations face unique challenges around communication. They must be able to speak with candor and with sensitivity to avoid polarizing encounters.

I teach partners and peers strategies for having difficult conversations and help them maintain an open attitude to each other’s point of view.