Susanne M. Weil LCSW

Leadership Development Coaching

Making business more human


To maintain clarity under pressure and manage more productively in today's business climate, it is essential that leaders develop self-awareness, self-discipline, and the relational skills to become more effective leaders.

I engage seasoned leaders and new managers around issues of interpersonal communication, relationship management and the expansion of existing skills and talents into new and broader roles.

My systems model focuses on the client-in-the organization, rather than the client alone.

The 3 Phases of Coaching

The coaching engagement typically takes place in three phases over a 4-6 month period. The coaching process follows these important steps:

Phase 1: Assessment

During this data gathering process, in-depth conversations are held with the client to determine areas for strengthening performance.  Structured feedback interviews are conducted to deepen understanding and dialogue. 360 degree raters, assessment tools and observation are also implemented to inform and refine areas for growth.

Phase 2: Development Planning

After assessment data is gathered and interpreted by the coach, a plan for development is created. To progress in achieving these goals for growth, specific action plans are devised to help the client advance behavioral change.



Phase 3: Implementation

After development goals have become operationalized, on-going meetings are held to discuss and monitor the process.

Adjustments are made and additional training resources are provided to facilitate the recommended changes and help the client move forward.